Great reading for more than 100,000 existing and potential park home residents
Founded in 2006, Park Home News is the annual magazine which is dedicated to park home living. With a guaranteed delivery by Royal Mail, it is freely distributed to all park homes sited on licensed residential parks in England and Wales. It will also be circulated at all the major shows featuring park homes.

Park Home News is jointly produced by Paul Baker Insurance Services, Seekers Estate Agents and Park Home Chassis Services Ltd: three well established and reputable businesses within the park home sector who regard the magazine as a vital tool in their quest to reach their target audience - park home owners and buyers. If your business has a similar aim then you are warmly invited to come on board as an advertiser.

This is a unique proposition for any business whose target audience is park home owners, those considering the purchase of a park home and people who are approaching retirement or are retired. As well as very competitive advertising rates we are encouraging relevant editorial content too.

We are delighted that many existing advertisers have already confirmed their support for the magazine, what better endorsements could there be?
Park Home News magazine is an essential element of our annual marketing budget, a proven way of reaching our target audience of park home owners and those considering the park home lifestyle it provides us with valuable leads and introduces our brand, product and services to a wide audience in a very professional and informed way.
Paul Baker, Paul Baker Insurance Services

Park Home News has been a fantastic way of communicating our services to park home owners. This is a community magazine that is informative and educational - we invite suppliers to advertise their services too and share in the same success.
Cathi Foale, Park Home Chassis Services

As a specialist Estate Agent this magazine is the best way of reaching our customers. The magazine is aimed at our customers' needs.

Keith Morgan, Seekers Estate Agency

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